About Us

I'm Ashlea and I'm married to Pete. We're Hills dwellers and owners of Wildfire Scents Australia.

We met when we were both working away, living the FIFO dream. Pete used to work overtime to drive a group of us girls back to camp. We went on a first proper date to the beach and we never looked back. We're the perfect balance for each other. 

After a few drinks one weekend, Pete suggested that I consider candle making, given that I love them (and anything else pretty and sparkly) The Wildfire Scents Australia brand was born that night and I built everything else around that glimmer of an idea.

I hand pour every single one of our candles and diffusers from our workshop in our backyard. Poor Pete no longer has a shed, but we have a major operation happening instead! We started preparing everything in January 2015 and officially launched Wildfire later in the year.

Wildfire is a total family business. Our kids come to markets with us and hone their selling skills. I love that we're building something right on our property that I am passionate about and that our family is so involved in. Pete doesn't get weekends off when he is home - we're usually doing a market so he puts the logo shirt on and comes and speaks to women (mostly) about different scents. He's an amazing and funny man and I love being married and in business with him. I'd like to get him pouring with me soon, but he's too worried he might not do it right so presently, I do all the manufacturing myself.

When I look back on the last year, it seems like it's bathed in a golden light. It's been a dream of a business launch and we will never look back. Wildfire Scents Australia truly has arisen from the ashes of an old life, and now, business is beautiful.



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